What Is Remote Desktop Protocol And Its Importance?

Remote desktop protocol is the proprietary protocol which is developed by Microsoft and it can provide users with the graphical interface for connecting to another computer over network connection. The user might employ remote desktop protocol client software for certain purpose. It is the Microsoft protocol which is especially designed to facilitate encryption and application data transfer security between devices, users and virtual network server. It enables users for adding graphical interface to desktop of another computer. It is compatible with multiple types of the topologies and local area network.

Awesome advantages of the remote desktop protocol

The main key RDP function includes transfer of data between clients and servers and initialization of connection. It can provide support to certain services such as

  • Audio, port, printer and file redirection
  • User keyboard data encryption and mouse
  • Clipboard sharing between local client and remote server
  • Remote desktop application might run on the client machines by using remote desktop connection
  • RDS (Remote desktop service) can provide RDP functionality via windows 2008 R2 with the SP1(Service pack 1)

However multiple features could be added to the RDP version 6.0 which is released in the year of 2011. RDP is implemented on the non-Microsoft platforms. For example rdesktop is command line client which is used on Linux and UNIX platforms. It can provide input capabilities and remote display over network connections for the window based applications that could be running on service. It is especially designed for supporting different kinds of the network topologies and multiple LAN protocols. RDP is multiple channel capable protocol which might allow for separate virtual channel in order to carry device communication and presentation data from server. It is using its own video driver for rendering display output by constructing rendering information into the network packets by sending and using rdp protocol over network to client. It can support different kinds of the mechanisms for reducing amount of the data transmitted over network connection which includes persistent caching of bitmaps, data compression, fragments in RAM and catching of glyphs. It comes with fantastic numbers of the features like support for 24 bit color, smart card authentication via remote desktop service, improved performance over low speed dial up connections via reduced bandwidth and keyboard hooking. In clipboard mapping, user might copy, delete, paste graphics and text between applications which are running on local computer.

Things to know about remote desktop protocol

According to the studies says that Microsoft has recently announced attractive features with RDP 6.0 in 2006 which includes seamless windows, support to remote aero glass theme, remote programs, terminal service gateway, multiple monitor support, fully scriptable and configurable through windows management instrumentation. RDP client version 6.1 could be widely used to reveal picture and names of all users on RDP server. Currently Microsoft refers to their RDP client software as the remote desktop connection which is formerly known as terminal services client. If you are doing some research in online then you can easily know about remote desktop protocol.